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New Redquanta App is here. Become a customer experience expert for your favorite brands!

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Your new RedQuanta App is equipped with many features that make Mystery Shopping a pleasant experience.

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Paid dining, spa, movies, cash & more. Your feedback is used by brands to improve. Feel like a spy.

Shop. Report. Get Paid.

What is mystery shopping? Just an excuse to shop, and actually getting paid for it.

You experience service at the outlets, and give a feedback. We collate all the feedback and help the company understand its positives and the gaps. Ain't that simple?

  • Be a member: Download the Redquanta app.
  • Let us know you a little better: signup and create your profile.
  • Choose your experience: Apply to the experience of your choice.
  • Shop. Shop. Shop: Just ensure you keep in mind the points to look out for.
  •   Ding, ding: That's the sound of money, flowing in your account.

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Red Quanta, a leading mystery shopping ​(Customer experience management)​ ​company​, brings you the best mystery shopping app. Now, audits will be as convenient and easy as those shopping excursions!